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Rubycampus is a complete school Management Software with collaborative features for managing Institution and Courses, Students, HR, Examinations, Finance and much more.

Why Rubycampus for your institution

Student Management

Human Resource and Finance

Timetable and Attendance

Parents Teachers Collaboration

User Friendly

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The Best College and School Management Software

Rubycampus provides user-friendly features with dashboards and login access for teachers, students, parents and other administrative staffs of your institution.

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How Rubycampus benefits Institution, Employees, Students & Parents

Bnefits for Institution

  • Complete Automation of All operations
  • Centrally Stored Information
  • Resource Optimization
  • Effective communication
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • High Data Security

Benefits for Employees

  • Hassle free HR and finance management
  • Easy accessibility of student details
  • Better interaction with parents
  • Automated timetable
  • Automated attendance
  • Effective student insights

Benefits for Students

  • Access to timetable, attendance, exams and more
  • Enhanced interaction with teachers
  • Collaborate with students and teachers
  • Online submission of assignments
  • updated with news, events and more

Benefits for Parents

  • Access to children information anytime
  • Communication with teachers and management
  • Access to children timetable, attendance & marks
  • Complete overview of fees paid and dues
  • Interact with other parents and students