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E learning and its impact on educational institutions
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Benefits in Integrating Study material repository and Library Management System in school management Software
January 23, 2017
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E learning and its impact on educational institutions

Over the past decade the structure of educational institutions has modified, partly due to the introduction of E learning. To infuse technology into learning, in the early years of the program, the institutions have targeted on getting teachers ready for an environment where every student has at least one technology device at their fingertips. E-learning has led impact on educational institutions, although its implications aren’t restricted to education alone, the impact it has had in this area has more than what the outlook suggests. This is to suggest that the impacts of e-learning in education can give a better understanding of its nature. Needless to say, the impacts of e-learning are numerous of that they involve each positive and negative.

The focus of e-Learning portal and training is added on providing continuous learning and development instead than a one-off training session or rapid knowledge transfer through an orientation program. Educational institutions benefit from this learning and development program, since they will excel at their role and responsibilities through constant convenience of learning resources. However these educational institutes conjointly provides notes to the students in format of e-book. It’s a book in electronic format. It is very easy to purchase and download eBooks through the Internet. EBooks will show links, for easy access to more information and connected websites. EBooks are often interactive and contain audio, video and animations, which may enhance the message to the people it’s trying to convey.

Education globally is one in all the numerous sectors to witness revolutionary changes in recent times. Digital learning system is the panacea for this anathema of education everywhere the world. It’s especially a blessing for developing countries which chronically suffer from ailments of access and affordability. With wise coverage over numerous means of communication it becomes a natural option to learn even for those in the hinterlands.

The purpose to develop Online Examination System, used to test the Domain information of the students, and employees with reference to the particular technology. The manual procedure used for conducting exam is time overwhelming method and error prone as a result of human limitations. The most advantage is that it will be conducted for remote candidates and analysis of answers will be fully automated. Also online examinations will be conducted at any time and doesn’t incur higher cost, there’s no invigilators, also no need of arrangement of exam centers. The disadvantage of the e-examination is that the inability of invigilating.